Recording session

Today I am recording some piano tracks for the new album of Alberto Caicedo. It is going to be a very personal album with lots of salsa and colombian folclore influences. All songs are arranged and almost all songs are composed by Alberto. Great music.  

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Di Fiesta!

Christmas is [almost] around the corner, and I happen to have the perfect gift for you! Starting now, the new Christmas Album by Izaline Calister is available on CDbaby.   Produced by Izaline Calister and Marc Bischoff  

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Music Marketing for dummies

I think every musician at a certain point in their career wonders what is the next step going to be. So have I. During my research across the web I came across two main blogs or methodes which in principal do the same but can have a huge impact on your career if you implement. […]

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