Bogotá, Bullerengue and el Bolón.

It has been one of those pleasant surprises that happen only when you least expect it. Afra and me where in Bogotá for a couple of concerts and a recording session.

They say: Bogotá is cold, rainy, hard working, and has unfriendly people. All NOT true. Ok. Its not Cali either 😉 but this city rocks big time. Everything is a bit faster, a bit bigger and a bit less Salsa in Bogotá, but who cares.

We played a nice show at a Jazzclub called El Bolón de Verde which is run and owned by Harry and Manuel. Really great people.
Two days later we met these amazing musicians from Bogotá and recorded a new version of  “¿Porque me pega?” .

This single should hit the radio in Colombia in a couple of weeks. 🙂





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